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Castellum divisorium

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castellumAfter the Pont du Gard I wanted to show you a photo of the Castellum divisorium, a water tank, where the water of the aqueduct arrived in, and from where it was again distributed in different areas of Nemausus. There are only two such castellums left in the world; one is in Pompeii in Italy, and the other at rue de la Lampèze in Nîmes.

Here you have to use your imagination a little. The circular (5.9 m in diameter, 1.4 m deep) is the basis of a tank, and the holes are places of lead pipes carrying the water to the monuments, fountains and public baths of Nemausus. The pipes are pretty much the same type as today; you can find them at the museum  of Pont du Gard.

Later the castellum was buried under ground, and remained unnoticed until 1844, when it was discovered at the foot of Fort-Vauban. It’s been classified as a Monument Historique since 1875.


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Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

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