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Present from Paris: Simbeu de Nîmes

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simbeu de nimesAt the other end of Avenue Jean-Jaurés you will see a statue of a bull. Designed by Auguste Caïn, it was actually firts seen in the World Expo of Paris in 1878 at Palais Trocadéro.

When the Trocadéro palace was demolished in 1935, the bull statue was presented from the city of Paris to the city of Nîmes. And here, to look like a fighting bull and not just a bull grazing in a meadow, it was put up on a tall base and renamed Le Taureau. It’s also known by the name Le Simbeu de Nîmes, where the simbèu means a sort of Camargue bull.

To see the other animal statues of World Expo 1878 and to read more, click here.


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Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

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