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Novillada sans picador

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novilladaThis weekend Nîmes was celebrating the Fête des aficionados, a festival that brought all bullfight buffs together. Lectures, exhibitions, corrida classes… And then, on Sunday afternoon at the Arènes, a novillada sans picador, which means three young toreros will face altogether six young bulls. The novillos are like apprentices, and after enough experience (and if they show talent and courage) they can become real torero’s after taking their alternative under a renowned matador. Or something like that.

Today we saw three novillos of maestro Joselito: Alejandro Fermin of Badajoz (Spain), Joao Machado of Bèziers (France), and Adrian Hence of Guadalaraja (Mexico). And like any corrida, it was of brave bulls, beautiful performances and also dangerous moments. But all in all everything went well – at least until I had to leave. Till then Fermin had gotten one ear and Machado two, while Hence was once run over by the bull. He got up though, and saw his turn to the end.


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Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

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