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Beauty of decay: Leaf statues (Les Pheuillus)


Within the past few days the Jardins de la Fontaine has been filled with statues. But what kind of statues? Made of last years dead leaves! You can find these statues (and more) lurking in the bushes, peaking from behind the trees, or climbing on the walls.  It’s a real hide and seek game, and everyone is delighted, especially of course children.

The statues are part of the garden event of Rendez-vous aux jardins of this weekend, and I hope they will stay there a little longer… The art work is of a theatre group named Le Phun, and seems to be part of the Marseille-Provence 2013 European culture capital program. Some theatre plays are also organized today.

With these pictures I participate in the City Daily Photo community’s June theme of  ‘beauty of decay’. Other participants you can find here.

*** Update on Jun 3: The statues are no longer in the garden of Nîmes… It really was only for the weekend! But perhaps they pop up somewhere else again? If you’re in France, maybe you’ll bump into them?


Author: nimes notes

Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

14 thoughts on “Beauty of decay: Leaf statues (Les Pheuillus)

  1. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I join you in hoping that these leaf statues remain in the garden more that just a weekend. My goodness, they’re delightful!

    If you’d like to see my Theme Day post, it’s up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo on Saturday, June 1. Thanks!

  2. I forgot to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the pop-up captions for each section of your fine collage. I did not know such a thing was possible. Thank you!

  3. A great collection of most unusual sculptures, excellent post for theme day!

  4. Great montage post for theme day.

  5. wow, they are fabulous and very fitting for theme day. thanks for sharing..

  6. Thanks everyone! I was very lucky that these sculptures appeared just now, on June 1st! When I saw them, I thought I have to go soon back to take photos…

  7. The French have such fabulous public art. I love these and would like to know how they are made!!! GREAT idea for our theme day.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Virginia – the French have a magical touch when it comes to public art; it’s always (well, often) beautiful, surprising, fresh and at the same time humourous!

      The statues are made of chicken net and filled with dead plane tree leaves, and tide up with a wire. I guess the same statues are now going to be installed somewhere else, as today they no longer were in Nîmes’ garden.

  8. Love these. Such fun. Great Theme Day Post

  9. Wow, I ‘ve never seen leaf statues. Pretty neat!

  10. Lisa and Linda, thanks for your comments! To me too, it was first time to see leaf statues, I thought it was a wonderful idea – and well presented!

  11. oooh, these are great! never seen something like that!

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