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a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

Pink stairway at Hôtel de Ville


pinkThe CDP September theme is pink, and here’s what’s (salmon) pink in Nîmes: the stairway at the Hôtel de Ville, or the Town Hall! And can you guess what is hanging from the ceiling? I give you a hint… it has to do with the emblem of Nîmes…

I will show you later the whole picture, but if you’re in Nîmes, do stop by the Town Hall, it has a small little garden inside, and the… well, ’till later 😉

To see what’s pink around the world, click here.

Edited the next day: see the whole picture here.


Author: nimes notes

Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

12 thoughts on “Pink stairway at Hôtel de Ville

  1. Great choice for this theme day. Have a good week!

  2. Beautiful, great picture.

  3. It sure looks like an alligator to me.

  4. Oh it looks a crocodile:) I love the soft pink and the angle. Great choice for today:)

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your comments! Jack and londonlulu, you’re right, it’s an alligator/crocodile, one of four hanging in the ceiling!

  6. beautiful…i love that railing!

  7. you know, one of my ancestors is named NIMS and it is said that he is from NIMES, hence the name! Godfrey Nims 🙂 That is just one speculation though!

    • Tanya, that’s a great story! 😀 I wonder, how would oncle Godfrey Nims see Nîmes now… Much has changed, and so much not at all.

      Did you know, by the way, that also denim jeans are from Nîmes? The name of the town is actually pronounced “nim”, and de nim… is denim, “from Nimes”. It really is from Nîmes that jeans come from!

  8. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I’m glad you picked this to share with us. Thanks for the link so that I could easily see what’s hanging from the ceiling!

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