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a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

Town hall’s four crocodiles


fourcrocodilesHere they are, the four stuffed crocodiles hanging from the ceiling at the Nîmes town hall, or Hôtel de Ville.

They were purchased or received as gifts between 1597 and 1703. The emblem of Nîmes, a crocodile chained in a palm tree, comes from a Roman coin minted to commemorate Augustus’ victory at the battle in Actium in Egypt in 31 BC. And the veterans of the battle were given a piece of land in Nîmes, or Nemausus, as it was called at the time.

The stuffed crocodiles are visible to anyone: when you go to the inner yard of the town hall, go to left, and look up…


Author: nimes notes

Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

5 thoughts on “Town hall’s four crocodiles

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  2. I did not know that, and now I do.

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