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a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France



abrivadoThe Feria des Vendanges (harvest festival) started today, and in the evening I went to see the abrivado. I didn’t bring my camera though; it was getting dark, and sometimes it’s nice just to observe. The picture is of last year.

The abrivado of today took place at the Boulevard Amiral Courbet – it’s a long avenue, where once stood the Medieval city wall. Now it was lined by metal fences, behind which the audience is supposed to stay… but actually the fun is to get in, on the street, to see better, and to test your guts… And when the gardians (Camargue cowboys) gallop with their beautiful, white horses leading the young bulls that the young kids try to stop, you will have to give way…

I love the atmosphere of the abrivado. Children are so excited, scared and fascinated at the same time, by the animals and the handsome gardians. Adults, too. People here have grown up with all this. To me, a foreigner and an observer, it is so amazing. There’s magic in the air, that’s for sure.

(When I chose this picture [yes, it happens all so fast that it’s difficult to focus], I noticed that there’s someone lying down on the street. I never noticed that before. What had happened? Just opposite the street? Nothing serious, I think, as I don’t remember the whole thing…)


Author: nimes notes

Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

2 thoughts on “Abrivado

  1. sounds like an exciting event and i love the blurriness of the photo…that’s scary about the person lying down, hope he wasn’t hurt!

    • Tanya, it really is! In the evening there’s also a special atmospehere…
      I think the man/boy lying down wasn’t hurt, at least not much… Accidents do sometimes happen, but it hardly is serious.

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