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Statue of Jeanne d’Arc in Nîmes


jeanne d'arcThe statue of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) in Nîmes looks a little neglected. It’s located in Place des Carmes, between the Nîmes University’s Carmes building and the old Roman city gate known as Porte d’Auguste, and facing the Saint-Baudile church.

That may still sound nice, but in reality it’s quite a weary little square in the middle of a fairly heavy traffic. In front of the statue there’s a parking space. That all will luckily change though, as this part of town will be renewed in the future. And maybe at that time the statue of the French heroine will be cleaned, too? (I later remembered I had taken a picture of the place earlier: the Jeanne d’Arc statue is right behind the woman’s head!)

The statue is a design by Maxime Réal del Sarte (1888-1954), and dates back to 1944. But, due to fear of vandalism, it was only installed in its place in 1969! Why is that, remains a mystery to me.

rouen1431At the foot of the statue is a heart, licked by flames. The text, “Rouen 1431”, reminds of the time and place of Jeanne d’Arc’s death. The text beneath says: “Ce coeur contient de la terre prelevee au lieu sacre du bulher de Jeanne d’Arc“, which means that in the urn there’s a bit of the soil from the place where Jeanne d’Arc was burnt.


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Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

2 thoughts on “Statue of Jeanne d’Arc in Nîmes

  1. what a beautiful tribute…and here i go again with more genealogy lol…supposedly she is an ancestor of mine, a great (several greats back) aunt!

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