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a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

Porte d’Auguste, seen from inside


portedaugusteThe European Heritage Day’s are unfortunately always  at the same time as the autumn feria of Nîmes. So, I never remember it, or, have no time to go to see any of the places usually closed to public. This time I did see one, though.

While I was waiting for the folklore parade to start, I went to see the Roman city gate of Porte d’Auguste from inside. Normally you can’t get in (it’s surrounded by fences), but now the small gate was open, and you could stroll around in your own pace. A few people in additition to myself had noticed it.

The lens I had in my camera gave no choice of a wider view, so this time the picture is just of one of the main gateways. In total there are four: two main gates in the middle and two side gates. And what is interesting, is to see how much lower the original city used to be!


Author: nimes notes

Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

2 thoughts on “Porte d’Auguste, seen from inside

  1. interesting, it is quite a bit lower! love that stone work…isn’t that always the way, nothing to do then finally something fun and it’s all scheduled at the same time!

    • They keep on finding old Roman ruins in the city whenever they dig a little deeper… Last time it was a former house with a beautiful mosaic floor, which they found under a boulevard. Work had to be stopped, of course! Sometimes I really wonder, where all that soil comes from… The modern city is laid on an ancient city, literally. It’s a fascinating thought.

      In Nîmes there are so many events in summer, that I shouldn’t be complaining… But the European Heritage Days are a great event too. If I scheduled my time better, maybe I could combine the overlapping festivals 🙂

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