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Armistice day

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armistice001November 11th is a national holiday in France, marking the end of the first World War. Nowadays the armistice day is also known as the remembrance day, to commemorate all those who lost their lives in the country’s wars. Or, as it’s usually said, who sacrified their lives for the country.

After the horrors of the first world war people vowed that nothing like that would ever again happen. But then came the second world war. And after that dozens and dozens other wars around the world. Now we are only hoping that a third world war would not break…

The war memorial of Nîmes is located very near the arenes and the palais de justice, on a square named 11-Novembre-1918. It’s an open air crypt, and on the walls there are engraved the names of the 12 866 soldiers from Nîmes and the Gard, who were killed in the first world war. In 1950 were added the names of the soldiers killed in the second world war, and in 1999 the names of the 54 Nîmes’ soldiers killed in the North African war.

There will a ceremony held today, and flowers will be places on the middle of the mosaic floor, which itself is very beautiful. The memorial, known in French as Monument aux morts, is a design by Henri Castan, and was inagurated in 1923.



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Picture diaries from Nîmes (and Marseille), South of France

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