Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Zanotta’s coming

zanottaZanotta is an Italian design company, apparently very popular in Nîmes. They seem to have an exhibition coming up, in the furniture shop Domus. The picture is taken during the feria, which explains the table and the benches… Otherwise you will find this view at Place de la Calade in front of the Nîmes’ theatre. The exhib will run from Sep 27, 2013 until Mar 26, 2014. Entrance is on the other side of the building, at 11, rue de l’Horloge.



Beauty of decay: Leaf statues (Les Pheuillus)

Within the past few days the Jardins de la Fontaine has been filled with statues. But what kind of statues? Made of last years dead leaves! You can find these statues (and more) lurking in the bushes, peaking from behind the trees, or climbing on the walls.  It’s a real hide and seek game, and everyone is delighted, especially of course children.

The statues are part of the garden event of Rendez-vous aux jardins of this weekend, and I hope they will stay there a little longer… The art work is of a theatre group named Le Phun, and seems to be part of the Marseille-Provence 2013 European culture capital program. Some theatre plays are also organized today.

With these pictures I participate in the City Daily Photo community’s June theme of  ‘beauty of decay’. Other participants you can find here.

*** Update on Jun 3: The statues are no longer in the garden of Nîmes… It really was only for the weekend! But perhaps they pop up somewhere else again? If you’re in France, maybe you’ll bump into them?

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The future Roman museum of Nîmes, an exhibition

At the entrance hall of Carré d’Art you can get a glimpse of the future Musée de la Romanite of Nîmes. Present are the suggestions of three laureats, of which the one in the photo won the competition. Is this then the best one? Well, it’s you to judge. The exhibition is held until October 1st. Or, or for more, see the video the ladies are watching, here.

(Personally, though an outsider, I welcome the museum with open arms, Nîmes definitely deserves a good Roman museum. But of the three candidates, to be honest, none pleased my eye. They may look nice on computer, in an ideal light and with imagination. But in real life in a real city? Hmm… Well, I hope it’ll turn out better than how it looked like now.)


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André Castel, exhib on bullfight and letters

The Carré d’Art houses the city’s main library, which also has an exhibition space. It’s in the basement and therefore a little hidden, but at least at the moment definitely worth to take a look. The current exhib is about André Castel, an aficionado (that is, a bullfight buff) and a man of letters, whose collection of letters, pictures, posters and books on corrida are on display. Included are also a few pictures by Picasso and a gravure by Francisco Goya.

André Castel – revistero nîmois, until September 16 2012.