Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Seen from trambus: Pyramid


trambus_pyramidAfter passing under the railway you’ll be on Avenue Jean Jaurès, and this pyramid is the first statue you will see. No, the second. Before it you will see the bull statue.


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Another torero on the wall

torero on the wall

Although Nîmes is full of wonderful and charming old façades, I decided to show you something different for the CDP’s July theme day. Here we are at the outer ring of Nîmes, where many housing blocks have been built after the Algerian war (I assume). And yes, it is a torero that has been painted on the wall of one of the apartment blocks! Nîmes is famous for its bullfights, and people love them. Not everyone, of course, but many do. And the tauromarhie is a big, big part of the city’s culture.

Clicking here you can see other façades around the world.

And here and here are the previous pictures of the more recent torero wall painting.

P.S. In my Marseille blog there’s another wall painting for the same facade theme!

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palomaPaloma is the brand new concert hall / combi concept for pop, rock, rap, etc. events + a radio studio + a professional studio + apartments for artists-in-residence – and is located far away from the city center, almost in a no-man’s land at the edge of the city. There are busses going there, of course, or you can get there by car. This picture is taken from a car window on the way towards Avignon.

The futuristic looks are a design by a French architect team of TETRARC.