Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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The railway station of Nîmes

railway stationAt the other end of the Avenue Feuchères is the railway station of Nîmes. With cafés, of course.



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Ascension, Europe Day and the ticket inspectors

ticket inspectors

Today it was not only the Ascension, but also the Europe Day. For the previous I had nothing in my archives, while for the latter I remembered this picture with both French and European Union flags. We are at the Avenue Feuchères, where can many official buildings be found.

And the men in blue? Yes, they are the ticket inspectors, waiting for the next bus.


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Avenue Feuchères yesterday and today


Yesterday there was a demonstration on Avenue Feuchères… First I heard the International, then some other song, and then there was an explosion, which really scared me off. Well, it was just a bluff. Outside I found the demonstrators, but was going different direction.

avenue feucheresToday there was no sign of the demonstration. People were enjoying the so-so warm spring day: kids playing, adults reading or doing sudoku on the benches. Many people coming from or going to the railway station, which you can see at the end of the avenue.

The avenue Feuchères has been recently renovated, and I think the result is really nice. Normally water should be running on the sideway, but now it wasn’t. Wonder why.

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New avenue Feuchères

avenue feucheres


The Avenue Feuchères had been under a construction for a long time, but now it’s finally finished. And the new avenue looks pretty good! The plane trees will give shadow in summer, and between the trees there are green bushes. But what’s best, is the modern stream-like fountain, water running down the slope. I’ll take a better picture of it some day, but here you can see how it looks in the square behind me.

And yes, it’s the railway station, where this avenue leads to.