Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Seen from trambus: Pyramid


trambus_pyramidAfter passing under the railway you’ll be on Avenue Jean Jaurès, and this pyramid is the first statue you will see. No, the second. Before it you will see the bull statue.


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Inauguration of Allées Jean-Jaurès

Although it was raining and cold, quite many people attended the inauguration of Allées Jean-Jaurès today. The avenue has gone through an amazing change: on this very spot were cars parked when I first visited Nîmes, and now it’s a beautifully designed and green park, where children can play and people relax!

I really wanted to see the architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, as I think he has done a great job here. And there he was, a man in his 60’s, giving a short and rather amusing speech after the mayor’s long explanations. And then it was time for the cocktails and snacks in the gardens.

Afternoon there would be bus tours, circus, falcons and other events, but I got so cold I thought I’ll skip it.

Anyway, if you’re coming to Nîmes, take a stroll at this avenue become a park. It’s really very nice.

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Present from Paris: Simbeu de Nîmes

simbeu de nimesAt the other end of Avenue Jean-Jaurés you will see a statue of a bull. Designed by Auguste Caïn, it was actually firts seen in the World Expo of Paris in 1878 at Palais Trocadéro.

When the Trocadéro palace was demolished in 1935, the bull statue was presented from the city of Paris to the city of Nîmes. And here, to look like a fighting bull and not just a bull grazing in a meadow, it was put up on a tall base and renamed Le Taureau. It’s also known by the name Le Simbeu de Nîmes, where the simbèu means a sort of Camargue bull.

To see the other animal statues of World Expo 1878 and to read more, click here.

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Foggy view of Nîmes

view of bd jean jauresThe grey and rainy days continue. It’s quite rare to see fog in Nîmes, but here it is: the lower part of Jardins de la Fontaine and the Avenue Jean-Jaurès, while the rest of the horizon with the mountain range is all covered in fog.

(When I first came to Nîmes, the center of the avenue was a hugely long car park all the way. Now the construction work to make it again a place for people is almost done… Waiting for the inauguration…)