Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France


Saint-Paul church of Nîmes

stpaulI just noticed I haven’t showed many pictures of the Nîmes’ numerous churches. Here’s one on the Boulevard Victor Hugo, the Saint Paul church (Église Saint-Paul de Nîmes). It was built between 1835 and 1849 in Neo-Romanesque style, and classified as a historical monument in 1909.

It was at Saint-Paul where Yves Mourousi, a famous French tv presenter with ancestry of Russian nobility, was married during the feria in 1985 very lavishly. Nearly two million people attended the wedding, and it was much noted in the media (told us the Wikipedia).



Last of the Feria des Vendanges 2013

feria_drummerThe Feria des Vendanges has finished for this year. The bandas have gone home, bar tents are taken down. It’s time to clean up and get back to normal life. But before that, let’s take a quick look of yesterdays events and the feria atmosphere as seen on the streets of Nîmes. At least some of it!

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Roman Games in Nîmes

roman festivalThis weekend’s event in Nîmes was the Roman Games, or Les Grands Jeux Romains, with a theme of Cesar’s triumph. I will post more pictures on my Provence travel blog, so here’s just a “teaser”: one of the emblemic characters of the festival, the masked warrior. **Edit: Here now more pictures from the festival!

The festival was held now for the fourth time and as a historical reconstruction show, it is unique in Europe . Every year the theme has been a little different, but the main events remain basically the same: Roman ceremonies at the Maison Carrée, a parade, workshops for children, and of course, the games: with legionaries, gladiators, etc. You can watch the official trailer (of the last years) games here.

(Previous post on the Roman Games here, here and here.)

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Food stalls being prepared

Just another street photo, or rather a snap shot. Boulevard Victor Hugo (which leads to the Arènes) is getting ready for the feria, and the food stalls have taken their place on the pavements. Yesterday was the first day of feria, with novillada bullfights where young torero’s face young (max 4 years old) bulls. Otherwise it was still quiet, just a normal working day.