Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France


Details: A torero’s outfit

details_toreroAt CDP, the theme for October is details, and here is my interpretation of it. The picture is of a torero’s outfit, used and worn, and for sale during the feria.

I’ve always wanted to take a look at these outfits more closely… And now I got a chance. Originally, I imagine, the material of these outfits has been silk, but this one I’m not so sure about. Didn’t touch though, to make sure.

The torero’s use different kinds and coloured outfits. Some are even designed by haute-couture designers, like the Arles-born designer Christian Lacroix, who also takes much of his inspiration from the local bullfight and gipsy culture. The designer of the picture’s outfit I don’t know, tough, neither who I had belonged.

Bullfights and toreros are usually connected with Spain, but they are very important also in South of France (not in the Côte d’Azur, but in the area from Istres near Marseille to Bayonne in French Basque). Nîmes is said to be the most Spanish of French towns, and you can see both corrida and flamenco here.

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Marie Sara, boutique and rejoneadora

mariesaraFor me, Marie Sara had so far been a name of a clothes shop in Nîmes (40 rue Madeleine). But a couple of days ago I learned who is the person Marie Sara, when she entered on the Arenes of Nîmes riding her horse alongside with Paco Ojeda. As Marie Sara is a famous French rejoneadora, one of the few female horseback bullfighter. She had received her alternative in Nîmes in 1991, and now she was there for the ceremony of the young rejoneadora, Léa Vicens.

I’m not sure if the clothing shop is Marie Sara’s (real name Marie Bourseiller) own business or not, but at least now I became curious. The clothes sold are quite elegant, the little that I’ve checked. Here is a picture of Marie Sara the rejoneadora in Nîmes this feria:



Léa Vicens at the amphitheatre of Nîmes

lea vicensToday was a special day for Nîmes: The nîmoise Léa Vicens received her alternative and became a legitimate rejoneadora (horseback bullfighter). She was superb: brave, courageous, elegant, beautiful, skillful, humorous and always smiling. Her parrain was Paco Ojeda, a legend, and the star of corrida de réjon (horseback bullfight), Diego Ventura  appeared on the arena with her. Léa Vicens got one ear, while Ventura a total of three ears and one tail (which are the trophees in the corrida).

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Novillada sans picador

novilladaThis weekend Nîmes was celebrating the Fête des aficionados, a festival that brought all bullfight buffs together. Lectures, exhibitions, corrida classes… And then, on Sunday afternoon at the Arènes, a novillada sans picador, which means three young toreros will face altogether six young bulls. The novillos are like apprentices, and after enough experience (and if they show talent and courage) they can become real torero’s after taking their alternative under a renowned matador. Or something like that.

Today we saw three novillos of maestro Joselito: Alejandro Fermin of Badajoz (Spain), Joao Machado of Bèziers (France), and Adrian Hence of Guadalaraja (Mexico). And like any corrida, it was of brave bulls, beautiful performances and also dangerous moments. But all in all everything went well – at least until I had to leave. Till then Fermin had gotten one ear and Machado two, while Hence was once run over by the bull. He got up though, and saw his turn to the end.

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After a (historical) corrida

One more picture from the feria, before getting back to normal life. The spanish matador José Tomás performed perfectly yesterday at the Roman arena of Nîmes: 11 ears, 1 tail and 1 indulto! The ears and the tail represent trophees, and the indulto means that the bull has been so brave and performed (together with the torero) so well that it will leave the arena alive.

This picture is from outside of the arena, where people waited for Tomás after the corrida. And there were so many! Everyone wanted to see the star, get a little glimpse of him, and show their appreciation to him. He was soon rushed to his van and taken away, but the festive atmosphere continued. Music, singing, dancing… The little girl with Tomás’ picture caught my eye, she was so cute.