Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Coming out of a window

snakesThese little creatures come out of  a small window on Rue Chassaintes in Nîmes. Maybe they are snakes, maybe something else. If you look carefully, you will find them here and there in the nearby walls too.


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The house of Jean Reboul

house of jean reboul (door)

First I noticed the door, with a text above it. IOAN REBOVL Vixit et obhit, it said, and I had no clue who Ioan Rebovl might have been.

house of jean reboulOn the other side of the building was a relief. Before it, I noticed the dogs on the balcony rail.

At home I learned the following. Ioan Rebovl means Jean Reboul (1796–1864), who was a famous baker and a poet from Nîmes. The building in the picture is the place of his birth, and later also of his bakery, where he worked until his death. The street is nowadays named after the poet, known especially of his work L’Ange et l’enfant (1928), as Rue Jean Reboul.

In the Jardins de la Fontaine there’s also Jean Reboul’s statue, I’ll have to take a picture of it one day. More on Jean Reboul here (in French).

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Soundless singing birds

Today I stopped by the Gallery of Musée d’Histoire Naturelle, where an exhibition called “Des dinosaures aux l’oiseaux” was on display. It was quite a fun exhib, concentrating in the last living dinosaurs, that is, birds, which there were plenty, from tiny mosquito birds to eagles and ostriches. All stuffed, of course.

The exhibition runs until Oct 31st, and the entrance is free. More info here.

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The poster of the 60th Feria de Pentecôte is designed by Jean-Pierre Formica, and his work can be seen in several places in the city during the feria (and after). One of the places is the famous Hôtel Imperator, where you can see his magnificent sketches and paintings on corrida, matadors and bulls. Entrance to the exhibition is free, and at the same time you can take a look of the interior of the hotel. Exhib running until tomorrow. More info here.