Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France


Pure blood Arabian horses in Nîmes

arabianhorses001Previous weekend it was the feria, and now a national competition of pure blood Arabian horses

I almost missed it, but luckily checked the local paper’s internet pages on Sunday morning. The two day event would be at Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle in the city center, and it would be free of charge. Late afternoon I then went to see the horses. The whole thing was already ending, but a glimpse of these beautiful animals I could get. Here are some photos from yesterday:


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Rugby for kids


Whoops… It’s already end of July, and I haven’t been posting much this month….

Here’s one photo from Jeudis de Nîmes city festival, held every July on Thursdays (jeudi), and which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. At the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle you could find all sorts of things for kids to play (for free), and otherwise there was music on the streets, and in the restaurants special menus.

There are no Thursdays left this month, so next Jeudis de Nîmes will be next year. But other events will follow: welcome August!

Nope! I was wrong. The Jeudis de Nîmes continue until the end of August! See the program here.

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No hesitations

Until the actual opening ceremony and speaches were finished, the bottles stayed unopened. But after that – à table ! Rosé, rouge, blanc, coca, jus, perrier… with all sorts of pies, pastries, sandwiches and elbows and pardons, and after a short while, everything was gone. Delicious it was, and the event…

…was the opening of the new park/garden of Esplanade Charles de Gaulle.