Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Map of Nismes and Nemausus


Nemausus, Nismes, Civitas Narbonensis Galliae Vestustissima

Next to the smiling crocodile, you will find the city map of the medieval Nîmes, or Nismes as it was called at the time. The city was encirled by a city wall, with a moat in the front. The larger walls are the city walls of the Roman Nîmes, or Nemausus. It was that much bigger in the Roman times!

Do notice also the Pont du Gard (in the map it says “Le Pont du gar, ou gardon”) on the right upper corner. It was built to bring water to Nemausus’ baths and fountains.

The map was drawn in the 16th century by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg. To see it more in detail, click here.




saint georgesTuesday’s theme at CDP was Saint George’s Day – the national day of England – and when I browsed the pictures everyone had taken, I suddenly remembered this relief on one of the medieval buildings of Nîmes. I quickly went through my archives, and found some pictures (today it’s raining and I don’t much feel like going out…) – it’s a bit late, but anyway.

So here is a French version of Saint-Georges, which you can find at Place de la Belle-Croix in the heart of Nîmes.