Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Where the Roman watch towers stood

arenes_ringAnd here we are on the ground (compare with the previous photo). The large circle marks the place where a Roman watch tower used to be. Same way are the old city walls marked. And in the evening they glow…



On the roof of the arenes

tourists_arenesTourists on the very top of the Arenes (amphitheatre of Nîmes). It’s actually prohibited to climb up the most highest point, as it is as dangerous as it looks like… The amphitheatre is 21 meters tall, so I don’t even dare to think of an accident… Anyway, for a picture (taking) it’s not that bad.


Pure blood Arabian horses in Nîmes

arabianhorses001Previous weekend it was the feria, and now a national competition of pure blood Arabian horses

I almost missed it, but luckily checked the local paper’s internet pages on Sunday morning. The two day event would be at Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle in the city center, and it would be free of charge. Late afternoon I then went to see the horses. The whole thing was already ending, but a glimpse of these beautiful animals I could get. Here are some photos from yesterday:


Marie Sara, boutique and rejoneadora

mariesaraFor me, Marie Sara had so far been a name of a clothes shop in Nîmes (40 rue Madeleine). But a couple of days ago I learned who is the person Marie Sara, when she entered on the Arenes of Nîmes riding her horse alongside with Paco Ojeda. As Marie Sara is a famous French rejoneadora, one of the few female horseback bullfighter. She had received her alternative in Nîmes in 1991, and now she was there for the ceremony of the young rejoneadora, Léa Vicens.

I’m not sure if the clothing shop is Marie Sara’s (real name Marie Bourseiller) own business or not, but at least now I became curious. The clothes sold are quite elegant, the little that I’ve checked. Here is a picture of Marie Sara the rejoneadora in Nîmes this feria:



Last of the Feria des Vendanges 2013

feria_drummerThe Feria des Vendanges has finished for this year. The bandas have gone home, bar tents are taken down. It’s time to clean up and get back to normal life. But before that, let’s take a quick look of yesterdays events and the feria atmosphere as seen on the streets of Nîmes. At least some of it!

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farandoleToday was the last day of Feria des Vendanges, or the harvest festival. After seeing two corridas yesterday (Léa Vicens, Paco Ojeda and the magnificent Diego Ventura  in the morning and a “mano à mano” by El Juli and the triumphant José Mari Manzanares in the evening), today I just strolled around the town.

First I went to see another abrivado, but as I’ve posted pictures of it twice, I’ll pass it this time. After that there was a folklore parade. The local dance and music is called farandole, and I think it’s really beautiful and often also very humoristic! If you have a chance, do go and see it. The music, the wear… everything is so pretty.



Léa Vicens at the amphitheatre of Nîmes

lea vicensToday was a special day for Nîmes: The nîmoise Léa Vicens received her alternative and became a legitimate rejoneadora (horseback bullfighter). She was superb: brave, courageous, elegant, beautiful, skillful, humorous and always smiling. Her parrain was Paco Ojeda, a legend, and the star of corrida de réjon (horseback bullfight), Diego Ventura  appeared on the arena with her. Léa Vicens got one ear, while Ventura a total of three ears and one tail (which are the trophees in the corrida).