Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Quiet feria day

The 61st Feria de Pentecôte of Nîmes has started! First events were held in the morning, aand in the evening the first corrida. Otherwise it’s still quiet. I went for a short walk in the Jardins and the city center and took a few photos. The real thing starts from tomorrow, so far everything is more or less in a waiting mode.


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Reading man

reading manAnother favourite statue: Le jardinier du mont des oliviers, or the Gardener of the Mount of Olives by a French artist, Martial Raysse. The statue and the mount of olives is part of the beautiful Place d’Assas, remade (?) in 1989, with more statues and fountains. And the book that the man is reading under the olive trees, is said to be the book of wisdom.

Spring is definitely here: at the moment the foliage of the micocouliers is amazingly light green!