Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Winter shadows

winter shadows

Rue Régale

The winter light is casting strong shadows in the old center of Nîmes.


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Next stage

les arenes under renovation

Here it is! The amphitheatre, or Les Arènes as it’s called in French. Built by the Romans, it has stood here in the heart of Nîmes for about 2000 years. And now it’s going to get the original colour back. First part was finished last summer, and now the next part is been cleaned. They won’t cover the whole amphitheatre at one time, after all, it’s what the tourists come to see.

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Fading away

louis durandOh how I wish that the tags weren’t there… As there’s something fascinating in these old shop signs, in their faded colours… But then someone comes to boogie, the other’s I can’t even figure out. Anyway, Monsieur Louis Durand seems to have had a copper shop here, some time ago.

(I’m going to cheat a little and add little by little pictures I’ve taken yet not published during my blog silence… Anyway, this is sort of a picture diary, and it would be a shame not to use them!

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Favourite film theater


Le Sémaphore is Nîmes’ film theatre for all cinema lovers. Here you will see good films in original language. No boom-boom-bang-bang Hollywood crap, but films what cinema is all about. And also not dubbed in French, but in original language. Old and new, and always something for children, too.

The theatre has been under renovation for some time now, and bigger auditoriums are divided into smaller ones. I think this is a good solution: more films can be screened, and anyway a large auditorium hardly got full.