Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Seen from trambus: another trambus

trambus_trambusThe trambus lanes are dedicated for trambusses, other busses and cars take other lanes. And the design, yep, it’s very round.


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Seen from Trambus: Liberté

trambus_liberteComing to another trambus stop, Liberté. Behind is a brand new apartment building, and a lower building, which one day probably will have to go… But what is most interesting, is the shape of the man in the stop signal: it’s like a star!

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The trambus of Nîmes

trambusThe ending station of the Nîmes trambus is in front of the Arènes.

The trambus is a combination of – as you can guess from the name – a tram and a bus. No rails needed, looks like a long bus, but otherwise the concept comes from a tram. And having now tested it once (no, twice, I went back and forth), it works!

In my humble opinion, the route is much more clear than those of the busses. It’s also fairly fast, and also frequent (at least during the day). It’s not as silent as the modern trams, but it’s supposed to be more environment friendly – the tram bus doesn’t use gasoline or diesel, but electricity. The ride cost one euro, and you can purchase the ticket when entering. Just don’t forget to stamp it!

Some people of course criticize the meaning and the cost (79 million euros) of a new type of bus which has (so far) just one line. It circulates between the Arènes and the commercial centre near the highway entrance. New lines are planned, of course.

Well, I don’t say anything to that. Just that I liked my ride. I will post during the next few days a few pictures taken in and from the bus.

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Nîmes’ courthouse


After a little break, again new pictures from Nîmes…

The courthouse of Nîmes, or Le Palais de justice, is located just next to the amphitheatre, facing Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle. This is the main entrance, which, however, is hardly used. In fact, I’ve never seen the gates open. The actual entrance is on the other side of the building.

The Palais de justice was designed by architect Gaston Bourdon and built between 1836 and 1846. It’s easy to see that the edifice was largely inspired of the Maison Carrée. Nowadays the neoclassical building is listed as a historical monument.


Saint-Paul church of Nîmes

stpaulI just noticed I haven’t showed many pictures of the Nîmes’ numerous churches. Here’s one on the Boulevard Victor Hugo, the Saint Paul church (Église Saint-Paul de Nîmes). It was built between 1835 and 1849 in Neo-Romanesque style, and classified as a historical monument in 1909.

It was at Saint-Paul where Yves Mourousi, a famous French tv presenter with ancestry of Russian nobility, was married during the feria in 1985 very lavishly. Nearly two million people attended the wedding, and it was much noted in the media (told us the Wikipedia).