Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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Side entrance of Jardins de la Fontaine

gateThis is one of the side entrances of Jardins de la Fontaine. There are other ones on the other side of the gardens, but this one is the nearest when coming from the city center. The steps are, however, in a very bad shape, so its advisable to use one of the two main entrances.

This one is anyway close to the children’s playgrounds and also the square with the Lebanon cedar tree, and I find it quite handy.


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Concrete wood railings

steps002When you leave the square with the Lebanon cedar towards the side exit of Jardins de la Fontaine, you will take these steps down. The railings are not wood, despite the outlook, but concrete (béton in French). This was very popular and I guess a bit fashionable style in the 19th century, to imitate the nature with concrete structures. And what’s interesting, they do look like wood! Just that the colour is grey.

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First death

cicadas…or, when the body left the body…

It’s again the time, when the young cicadas emerge their nymph skins to become fully adults, and the empty nymph skins are seen on tree trunks, grasses and under the benches. Here, in the Jardins de la Fontaine in Nîmes.

The nymph skins are surprisingly small, so first it’s difficult to notice them. In the photo on the right,  there are two skins. Can you find them? And above there are more, like the cicadas had been climbing up the tree…

So, now the singing of the cicadas gets even louder? Well, that’s the sound of summer!

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Picture taking

touristsSomehow I wanted to catch this scene, where the tourists are taking pictures of the Temple of Diana in Jardins de la Fontaine. Big cameras are passé, and hardly anyone really uses the iPad for taking photos (anymore), like the woman on the right. Nowadays popular are the cellphone cameras and again the tiny winy pocket cameras. It’s fun to observe the trends, isn’t it!

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Film screen in Jardins de la Fontaine

realisateurdanslavilleOne of the nicest summer events in Nîmes is the film screenings in Jardins de la Fontaine. The week-long festival is called Un réalisateur dans la ville, and every year a different (French) film maker is invited as a guest, with his/her films. This year it was Jean-Pierre Mocky, in France a well-known actor, screenwriter, producer and director, but a little less well-known elsewhere. At least I had never heard of him.

So, perhaps due to that, I (almost) missed the screenings. Today is the last one: L’ibis rouge starts when the sun goes down. Should I go or should I stay? Anyway, the screenings are free of charge, and the atmosphere is great, with twinkling stars and singing of the cicadas…