Nîmes notes

a picture diary from a Roman town in the south of France

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La Maison Carrée

la maison carréeLa Maison Carrée from a different angle. I find it fascinating, thinking that someone has been standing in this very same spot, looking at the beautiful temple like I am now, in… the Roman times… in Medieval times… during the renaissance… the revolution… and after the first and the second world war, relieved to find that the temple is still there.

For those who are living in Paris, the Maison Carrée may look familiar. Yes, it is the La Madeleine church that has gotten inspiration from it!

On the left, by the way, at about where the biker is, is also located the Tourist Office of Nîmes.


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Maison Carrée and demonstators

maison carrée, demonstration

Here’s one of the Nîmes’ most important buildings, a Roman temple known as Maison Carrée, or the Square House. During the history it has also served as a horse stable and an art museum, and nowadays it holds a small film theatre dedicated to one film only, a 23 minute 3D-movie of the Heros of Nîmes through history. It’s quite interesting!

The square in front of the temple is an important meeting point. Yesterday it was the demonstrators, who had gathered there  for the French men abducted in Africa. Maybe some more people joined them a little later? The same demonstrations were held in different cities at the same time, at least in Paris and Marseille, told the evening news.

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La Maison Carrée seen from Carré d’Art

La Maison Carrée (“The Square House”) is one of the Nîmes’ top 3 sights, a well preserved Roman temple. Having later served as a church, horse stable and art museum, it nowadays holds a film theatre showing only one film: Héros de Nîmes, a 3D movie retelling the history of Nîmes. It’s actually quite fascinating!

The building from where I’ve taken the photo, is about 2000 years younger. Carré d’Art was built in 1993, and it houses a contemporary art museum, a museum shop, a library, a café and some exhibition spaces. Designed by Norman Foster, Carré d’Art is said to have resemblances to its famous neighbour. Well, both have poles…